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Jewellery Designers in Berkshire: Bespoke creations

Designing and making bespoke jewellery is what we love to do.

Using our computer aided design package we are able to design pretty much anything. We love to take a simple diamond solitaire and add a personal twist, whether it is claws that resemble the flowers of the country you met or 8 diamonds in an anniversary ring because thats how many years you have been married. We love to make each piece personal and special to you.

By using the CAD you are able to see a photo quality render of what the piece will look like before its actually made.

We also have a 3D printer on site so if you aren’t quite sure we can print you a wax model to try on.

Our Services

Our Services

In our on-site workshop we are able to offer the following services, any many more

  • On-site workshop
  • 3D CAD design service
  • Bespoke jewellery
  • Watch batteries & straps
  • Repairs & Restorations
  • Bead & Pearl Re-Stringing
  • Insurance & Probate Valuations, & Estimates
  • Diamond & Gemstone Replacement